How Trump Pardons Everyone + Himself

1 09 2017

If Trump uses his Presidential pardon power with those being investigated by the Special Counsel it could back-fire on him.  Persons so pardoned would not be able to refuse to testify by using the “Fifth Amendment” against self-incrimination.  If subpoenaed they would have to answer questions honestly under oath before courts or Congress — under threat of perjury that the pardons would not apply to.   Also the pardon power does not apply to “state laws”.   Special Prosecutor Mueller is already acting in ways that indicate he’s well aware of the limits and possible pitfalls of  Trump pardoning friends, relatives, and should we say co-conspirators.  But as one astute columnist points out…there is one way the Presidential pardon power could be used to quite literally pardon everyone, including Trump himself:

“There is, however, one scenario in which Trump could save himself and others from potential prosecution. It’s what Susan Bloch, a law professor at Georgetown, calls the Nixon scenario: “Trump pardons them [Flynn, Kushner, Manafort, and Donald Trump Jr.] as he is exiting the White House and Trump exits early, allowing Pence to become president, and Pence then pardons Trump. Trump will then have successfully shielded himself and his colleagues from criminal liability.”          (full article at top of today)