5 09 2017

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READ what I said to and about Anne-Marie Slaughter at Princeton:

WATCH what I said at Princeton to and about Anne-Marie Slaughter:

Years ago when she was Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton I took her down!     The students invited me to speak with her at a major University Forum about WHAT’S IN THE SERVICE OF THE NATION?     They were pissed at what Slaughter was doing, they had read an article of mine, and out of the blue came the paid speaking invitation.

Anne-Marie did all she could to get it cancelled and then at the last minute tried to get the prepared speeches canceled and turn the event into a discussion. The students refused. They had also invited the major “public intellectual” then at Princeton,  Cornell West, to sit and talk between us.

I went after Anne-Marie in a way I am quite proud of — read and watch with the above links.  I got the loudest applause of the evening from the large audience in one of Princeton’s major auditoriums.

Anne-Marie made the front page of the NYTimes last week for following the orders of one of her New America Foundation’s biggest funders — Google — and firing one of the long-time NAF scholars who had criticized Google by supporting the multi-billion dollar EU fine.

Slaughter is a Hillary-disciple Neocon-Liberal and her take-over of New America some years ago signaled it’s take down.   Her firing should, could, signify it’s rebirth as at least a quasi-independent progressive think-tank not fully controlled by either it’s funders or the Democratic Party.

So this simple pointed message:   FIRE ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER for selling out NAF — something she’s been doing behind the scenes for a long time — just as she did at Princeton.