10 09 2017

Image result for caricature war games

Led by Trump and his Generals who have completely taken over the White House, Pentagon, and CIA, major unprecedented WAR GAMES are underway WORLDWIDE from Korea to Eastern Europe to the Middle East.    The Israelis have their greatest War Games in a generation underway.   The US is pouring arms into the Middle East selling $100+ billion to the Saudis, GCC, Kuwait and providing billions more to Israel, Jordan, Egypt.   Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countries are buying billions more in super arms from the Americans and greatly escalating war preparations.  In Eastern Europe the Americans and their NATO allies and protectorates are also holding major war games with a great armada of tanks and aircraft to be left “pre-positioned” behind.   The U.S. is  also racing ahead with new super-weapons — including new nukes, space, and cyber weapons — greatly threatening China and Russia, not to mention Iran and North Korea.