Saudi King Visits Israel!

12 09 2017

OK…admittedly an attention grabbing headline!   The “secret” visitor was “only” the son of the King, the Crown Prince, but in reality the acting King awaiting his partially incapacited father’s passing.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has become in effect a Zionist.   And now that his alliance with Israel is hardly maskable any longer he has taken a tremendous risk that no other Saudi leader before him dared to do….but for Sadat of Egypt but in a very different way at a very different time.  But then look at what Mohammed bin Salman has done in Yemen and Syria; and just remember some of the dangerous and sometimes rather absurd public utterances he has made.

Will the Crown Prince now survive to become de jure  King?   That’s definitely in doubt now no matter how much protection the Israelis and Americans provide for him.