21 09 2017

Image result for caricature u.s. threatens world

An unstable mentally-ill extremely extremely bellicose American President has just threatened to “totally destroy” another country from the international pulpit of the U.N.! And if you think this couldn’t happen remember what the Americans have done one way or another just in recent years to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Vietnam and beyond.

But the threats go far beyond Korea.  The American military — and it’s not just Trump — is determined to further enhance their own massive weapons systems and further escalate the world arms race from space to the seas to drones to cyber and beyond.

Last Sunday super warhawk Senator John McCain (previously Republican nominee) said he’d been told by the Pentagon that “Within 5 years our adversaries will have caught up with our capabilities.” “We don’t want that” McCain declared on CBS insisting the U.S. must remain militarily supreme and there must be no multi-polar world. Then he helped push through Congress a massive $80 billion increase for the American war machine next year — even more than Trump has deemed necessary!  And that’s on top of the $1 trillion long-term program to build another new generation of American nukes!