War, Climate, Sanity

25 09 2017


You’d think there would be great interest in a conference in Washington DC at American University bringing together many groups calling for an end to war and imperialism, climate sanity, plus retired CIA professionals giving our their yearly award for integrity.  And yet the hundred or so who came to the conference gave the impression more of retirement home than serious, energetic organization.

Indeed the key honorees who were much publicized — Seymour Hersh and Chelsey Manning — both decided not even to show or send remarks…though it was great to see Edward Snowden from Moscow and Daniel Ellsberg from his home in California via satellite applauding them.

Indeed many of the speakers during the three-day event were extremely interesting and even powerful…audience notwithstanding   All that said, in this age of live streaming and YouTube holding such a conference is still worthwhile.   But even so when there are so many sponsoring organizations yet so few attendees, and hardly any interest from students or the media, what does that say about the state of the grassroots “Peace Movement”?