Saudi Hyper Propaganda

27 09 2017

The Saudis are in hyper propaganda mode.  They are spending more than ever on media and lobbyists; and also on bashing Qatar.   Yesterday their new “Royal” Amb in DC had a Press Conference and they arranged lots of p.r. with women back home claiming that being the last country in the world to “allow” women to drive was a big deal!   “Sharp Turn” they got WaPo to headline on Page 1 today.  LOL…much too little much too late in fact; not to mention it’s a big diversion from the far more important realities.

The real news is how the Saudis have destroyed Yemen, made a secret alliance with Israel, backed up Bahrain, isolated Qatar/AlJazeera, and are hard pushing the US to further isolate and bring about coup in Tehran and/or even much greater regional war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon.

Also the big real news is that what the Saudis are spending on p.r. is miniscule compared to what they are spending on weapons — with the Pentagon and arms makers continually celebrating!   $100 billion+ in weapons already contracted for — more than ever before in history!