Saudis have gone Crazy!

1 10 2017

The Saudis are now full-fledged Neocons and Zionists!  They are so fearful for their survival that they have taken the super big gamble of aligning with their former worst enemies expecting enough military, covert, and political support from them to maintain Arabia as “Saudi”.  But in doing so they are squandering their legitimacy, not to mention their heritage and dignity.

The really important stories about today’s SA are not about women driving, something that has been inevitable for some years already.   Actually women driving is a big diversion.  The real stories are the multiple crises caused and escalated by the Saudis — the disasters in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and Egypt, plus what they are doing to their own Shia population on top of their horrendous handling of Qatar and Iran.   Now led by the extraordinarily narcissistic youngster “Crown Prince”, “The Kingdom” has tragically come full-circle from the days when the elder royals attempted to portray themselves as principled and worked so strenuously to protect their image.

Dignity is gone in the “Saudi” Arabia severely frightened by the Arab Spring and now in alliance with Israel/Mossad as well as USA/CIA.   Whether the Kingdom itself will survive as “Saudi” and unified is more in doubt than ever.

Israel and money/weapons are also the really important stories.   The Saudis are now in a deepening alliance with the Israelis…with in fact the most hard-line Israelis who are themselves aligned in America with the most hard-line super Zionist Neocons.   And when it comes to money the Saudis are literally throwing away their money buying $100 billion+ weapons from the U.S. and U.K. as well as sinking billions more into the wars in Yemen and Syria and propping up the Military Junta in Cairo.