Trump to “QUARANTINE” NKorea

13 10 2017

Steve Benson / Creators Syndicate

Trump’s “storm” will likely be a “Quarantine” of North Korea — in reality a blockade which is an act of war — but the use of this word “Quarantine” makes it not quite legally so.   That’s why JFK ordered the military at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis to use the term “Quarantine of Cuba”.  Expect this from Trump and the Generals/Admirals who salute him when the N Koreans fire their next intercontinental missile claiming it can hit the USA with nukes.   That will be the excuse, the trigger, for Trump to push closer to war but leave it to the North Koreans to decide whether to capitulate or escalate.   At the same time he will be cornering both the Russians and Chinese defying them to either accept American power or challenge it.   President Xi will be in the most uncomfortable position of all if this comes before or during next week’s Party Congress.   If it comes after the the Party Congress, then the ill-advised visit by Trump to China will be pending and he will try to brandish what he’s threatening to do as a kind of Sword of Damacles.   If it comes after the China visit China will look, and maybe even be, complicit.