Investigate Israel not just Russia

14 10 2017

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After unprecedented investigations Facebook and Twitter and others have found evidence of Russian “meddling” via social media in the U.S. election.   Amazingly, after all the investigations the amount of money said to be involved is in the “tens of thousands” or “about 100,000″….in other words hardly anything despite all the hoopla.   And so far there is not any direct evidence of Russian government involvement or even one specific example of  what the “Russians” did using social media that could have seriously impacted the election.

But if the Israelis and their multi-faceted Israeli/Jewish Lobby organizations were being investigated for the same things during this and past elections, and with regard to Congressional legislation and President actions, there would be far more evident and far far more money involved.

Not to mention that the multi-millions the American spend in Russia with NGOs and media is far far more than the pittances all the investigations have dome up with about what the Russians may or may not have been doing in the U.S.   And that doesn’t even begin to deal with the CIA and NSA and their spying and infiltrating on the Russians in so many ways for so many years.

The bigger motivation propelling Washington when it comes to Russia is the huge success of RT and Sputnik….news sources that are quite out front and quite public and which in many cases are much better than the long-USG-financed institutions known as Voice of American and Radio Free this and that.    Also of course the Americans are pissed that Russia has outplayed the US in Syria and that has really upset those who control the US/Israel/Saudi alliance.   So, in short, the Americans are desperate to be able to pin something on Russia in order to restrict and reign in RT, et. al.