PALESTINIAN resistance to brutal occupation IS Fully JUSTIFIED

16 10 2017

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Let’s be very clear about this.   The Palestinians have every right to fight, resist, and attack those who have so brutally and illegally occupied them; destroying their villages and homes; carving them up into worse-than-apartheid prison-like enclaves; assassinating and and imprisoning their leaders; and terribly defying international laws and a multitude of U.N. resolutions.

The Israelis, the Jewish/Zionist/Evangelical organizations that make up their “lobby”, and the United States itself,  are all guilty and complicitous of such conduct over a long period of modern history.

And so fighting and resisting and attacking Israeli occupation and settlement building is fully justified.   Furthermore it is up to those suffering and struggling and actually doing the fighting  to decide what they will do and when and how; not to comfortable arm-chair pundits and so called “peace-process”, largely super hypocritical, advocates.