Saudi Gathering in Washington

20 10 2017

What may be the most public arm of the Saudi Lobby in Washington held it’s annual get together at the Ronald Reagan Building this week.  It calls itself a National Council and an educational association.  But in reality it is a clever out-front p.r. group for the Saudis, the GCC, and the many corporations who cash in on all the money and arms sales.

By Washington standards just a little gathering of little consequence; but even so they did bring a few top level key-note speakers for the cameras to show back in Arabia — the 4-star General commanding Centcom plus one of the most senior Saudi spokesmen, Prince Turki, a regular actually, who got his usual standing ovation.

But listening yesterday to a Saudi cry about refugees, when his country has done so much to create their plight and so little to alleviate; and listening to a Saudi lecture Americans about “one man one vote” when his country…well we all know the realities there; and listening to a Saudis warn the Israelis that they better finally get with the “peace process”, when in fact the Saudis are now in an increasingly close behind-the-scenes alliance with the Zionist State; and listening to a Saudi continually berate and chastise and threaten the Iranians for “interfering in the internal affairs of neighboring countries and supporting terrorism”…well enough said.

In some ways little has changed when it comes to NCUSAR, The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations.  In other ways the Saudis as well as the Americans, the Middle East as well as our world, have changed a great deal.   Here are a few flashbacks to previous gatherings of the National Council:

P.S.   No mention at the conference of JASTA or references to the very young, brash, irreverent Saudi King (actually his official title is still Crown Prince), nor of the aging King’s first ever recent Royal visit to Putin and how his Kingly deplaning escalator broke down with him on board upon his arrival in Moscow (wink).

Image result for caricature u.s. saudi arabia israel    Image result for caricature u.s. saudi arabia israel