More about Saudi Lobby DC

26 10 2017

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The high-powered highly-paid Saudi Lobby is far more hidden.  And besides in recent years the Saudis have enlisted the Israel Lobby on their side as well….even if they don’t realize how they are used and manipulated by it.   The Saudis are now willing to do anything at any cost that they think (rightly or wrongly) protects the “Saudi” regime and challenges their arch nemesis the Shia Persians  of Iran.

Today though a bit more about the now-thinly masked Saudi Lobby known as The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations and its sidekick The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.   Both of these are Prince Bandar creations back in the 80s, both are kept on a short leash, both are used and exploited at will by their Saudi sponsors/keepers.

After he and the Centcom 4-Star gave the keynotes addresses for NCUSAR last week at the Reagan Center, Prince Turki went on to have secret meetings throughout town including with the Israelis, culminating in his first public appearance at a New York Synagogue touting the Zionist version of the “Two-State Solution”

Just a few more comments about this years NCUSAR gathering:

1)  Too poor to even have a few croissants or rolls at breakfast time — just lots of coffee off in a corner area.   No Jewish or Zionist group would be so inconsiderate. 🙂

2)  No mention through the two-day proceedings of the very much heightened Saudi-Israeli alliance, including only quasi-secret visits of top Saudis to the Jewish State likely including the Crown Prince himself since their last annual gathering.

3)  The so-called “Palestinian Ambassador” gave a nothing speech and kept using the mild word “bad”, “bad”, “bad”, to describe how the Israelis treat the Palestinians without any mention of how Abbas and his “Palestinian Authority” are themselves sub-contractors of the Israelis/Americans paying his salary!

4)  The Panel about what’s going on in Palestine was totally composed of U.S. government officials and USAID contractors.

5)  Beyond all the hypocrisy from Prince Turki (see my previous comment last week) the Prince insisted the current GCC crisis has been caused by “Qatar chirping outside the flock”!   Turki must have had some new Jewish/Zionist/American speech writers added to his team.