Iran – Think Again!

31 12 2017

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Think of the demonstrations that are taking place in Iran and how the government is handling things in a comparative way and maybe reach different conclusions than those being propagated by Trump, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Compared to what the Egyptian military has done to its people the Iranian authorities are being careful and responsible.

Compared to what the Turkish government has done to its people  the Iran government is being easy going.

Compared to how the Saudis control everyone and everything in Arabia the Iranians are rather democratic.

Compared to how the Israelis treat the Palestinians they rule, well there is no comparison.

Compared to how the Chinese handle demonstrations the Iranians are quite circumspect.    Compared to how the Russians control dissent the same.

Even compared to how the Americans restrict serious demonstrations with their police-state tactics and what they did to the “occupy movement” just a few years ago.

Can you even imagine such posters as above being allowed on the streets in Egypt, Saudi, Turkey or China?

And don’t forget the CIA, Mosad, and Saudis — in tandem — have been working overtime to undermine and threaten Iran for years and are no doubt, one way or another, involved in fomenting the demonstrations and trying to cripple Iran and bring down the regime.   That’s been the real goal of the extremely harsh “sanctions” imposed on Iran at American instigation for such a long time now.




Do not say “Occupied” says Trump Amb

30 12 2017

Now that they’ve gotten Trump to do Jerusalem for them — and to further super arm Israel along with the Saudis and GCC countries — they have another major goal.  That is to get Trump and his cabal of Trumpees to take further steps — some rhetorical but actually quite important — so Israel’s hold over the Palestinians is permanent and the “Two-State Solution” is not only dead but buried.

Ambassador David Friedman — close friend of son-in-law Jared even more than Donald — asked the State Department to stop calling Israel’s control over the West Bank an “occupation” in official documents. He reportedly has recommended using the term “West Bank territory” with both Jerusalem and Gaza now addressed separately.
Probably unable to get Rex to do the deed they are setting the stage for Nikki and greasing the way with The Donald.   Unsure how long this team will be in power, they are pushing them to do as much as they can on behalf of the “dually-loyal” super Orthodox Zionists who dominate in the Trump regime.


Major Palestinian Opportunity!

27 12 2017

Guatemala is the first country about to actually move it’s Embassy to Jerusalem.   What an opportunity for the Palestinians to take the leadership and demand the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic States immediately pass the following simple and direct resolution:

“We the Arab and Muslim States declare that if Guatemala moves it’s Embassy to Jerusalem we will demand they close their Embassies in our countries.”


Israeli “left” also insists JERUSALEM IS OURS ALONE!

27 12 2017

Yair Lapid is said to be one of the ‘good Jew’ leaders of from Zionist left who claims to ‘want peace’ with the Palestinians.   But the faux Zionist “left” including most in “Peace Now” has for years tried to deceive and trick the Palestinians and the world — and in that sense they should be despised even more than the “right”.   Lapid’s public statement to journalists a few days ago helps make this more evident than ever.

Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid leads a faction meeting at the Knesset, December 18, 2017. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)


23 12 2017

Palestinian 'Day of Rage' in East Jerusalem

It’s not just Trump about Jerusalem in 2017.

A hundred years ago President Wilson and Supreme Court Justice Brandeis intimately colluded with the British in the infamous Balfour Declaration.

Then 70 years ago, after failing in the Security Council, the U.S. bullied, blackmailed and quite literally connived with the Zionist Jews forcing the UNGA to pass the Partition Resolution after it too initially failed.

In 1967 and 1973 the U.S. provided the Israelis the arms, money and secret intelligence making possible their further illegal expansion including the taking of Jerusalem and what are still the “occupied territories” today.

In 1978 the U.S. bribed and tricked the Egyptians at Camp David and then refused to honor the agreement allowing the Israelis to further repress the Palestinian people.

In 1993 the U.S. midwifed the “Oslo Agreement” and then miserably failed to enforced it’s terms allowing the Israelis to implement worst-than-apartheid conditions on the Palestinians and build the “separation” (i.e. imprisonment) wall.

Overall the U.S. has supplied the tiny State of Israel more arms, more money, and more covert operations than any other country ever in history.

Throughout all these years the U.S. has vetoed more Security Council resolutions for Israel than all other vetoes.

The guilt of the U.S. in complicity with Israel is overwhelmingly evident despite all the meaningless American rhetoric about “Peace Process” and “Two-State Solution”.   Holding the Americans responsible is what the world should now be demanding.  This week’s UNGA vote should be a new start with that in mind, not an end.

‘This vote will be remembered’!

22 12 2017

So spoketh yesterday the neoconish Trumpee Ambassador to the U.N. after she and her deranged American President kept warning and threatening and badgering and bullying the nations of the world all week.

Indeed Mr. Trump and Ms. Halley and USA, “This Vote Will Be Remembered!”

Biggest Financial Heist/Scam Ever!

17 12 2017

Trump, Kushner, and the Trumpee Super-Wealthy oligarchs have inserted tremendously self-serving provisions in the about to be passed new tax code that will greatly benefit themselves financially. It is a great con job, a spectacular deception, a monumental scam that they so crassly and deceptively claim is a middle class tax cut.  They should not only be held accountable at the polls next year. The media should be all over this right now today as it is still possible to derail this travesty IF the public becomes quickly aware of the many provisions designed for Trump and family as well as his super-money backers. Here are just a few pithy quotes about this dastardly Trumpee Republican tax law about to be finally voted on in a few days:

“The GOP Plan Is the Biggest Tax Increase in American History, By Far.”  The Intercept

“The Biggest Tax Scam in History.” New York Times

“It’s absolutely despicable… One of the worst bills ever considered by Congress. This bill truly is a scam. It is the biggest tax increase in American history. MoveOn

“This tax bill is a moral and economic obscenity. It is a gift to wealthy Republican campaign contributors and an insult to the working families of our country.”  Senator Bernie Sander

Worst bill in the history of the United States Congress…a bill that had no hearings, no expert testimony.” Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi