Do not say “Occupied” says Trump Amb

30 12 2017

Now that they’ve gotten Trump to do Jerusalem for them — and to further super arm Israel along with the Saudis and GCC countries — they have another major goal.  That is to get Trump and his cabal of Trumpees to take further steps — some rhetorical but actually quite important — so Israel’s hold over the Palestinians is permanent and the “Two-State Solution” is not only dead but buried.

Ambassador David Friedman — close friend of son-in-law Jared even more than Donald — asked the State Department to stop calling Israel’s control over the West Bank an “occupation” in official documents. He reportedly has recommended using the term “West Bank territory” with both Jerusalem and Gaza now addressed separately.
Probably unable to get Rex to do the deed they are setting the stage for Nikki and greasing the way with The Donald.   Unsure how long this team will be in power, they are pushing them to do as much as they can on behalf of the “dually-loyal” super Orthodox Zionists who dominate in the Trump regime.