Iran – Think Again!

31 12 2017

Image result for photo iranian protests

Think of the demonstrations that are taking place in Iran and how the government is handling things in a comparative way and maybe reach different conclusions than those being propagated by Trump, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Compared to what the Egyptian military has done to its people the Iranian authorities are being careful and responsible.

Compared to what the Turkish government has done to its people  the Iran government is being easy going.

Compared to how the Saudis control everyone and everything in Arabia the Iranians are rather democratic.

Compared to how the Israelis treat the Palestinians they rule, well there is no comparison.

Compared to how the Chinese handle demonstrations the Iranians are quite circumspect.    Compared to how the Russians control dissent the same.

Even compared to how the Americans restrict serious demonstrations with their police-state tactics and what they did to the “occupy movement” just a few years ago.

Can you even imagine such posters as above being allowed on the streets in Egypt, Saudi, Turkey or China?

And don’t forget the CIA, Mosad, and Saudis — in tandem — have been working overtime to undermine and threaten Iran for years and are no doubt, one way or another, involved in fomenting the demonstrations and trying to cripple Iran and bring down the regime.   That’s been the real goal of the extremely harsh “sanctions” imposed on Iran at American instigation for such a long time now.