ISRAEL Preparing to Destroy LEBANON

31 01 2018

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“We will discuss Iran’s effort to turn Lebanon into one giant missile site, a site for precision missiles against the state of Israel, which we will not tolerate.”  – Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Moscow this week

“This time all of Lebanon will be a target.  What happened in 2006 would be a picnic compared to what could happen… I say Lebanon will return to the stone age.”  – Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz a few months ago

The next war “will mean sending Lebanon back to the Middle Ages”.  – Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett last March

Having been partially defeated in Syria by an alliance of Russia with Iran/Syria/Lebanon —  and with the Turks joining in defying the U.S., Israel and their Kurdish allies in Northern Syria — the Israelis are planning a major war to change the regional strategic situation.   Lebanon is the proxy target.   When that happens, either Iran will be provoked in a way that will make possible attacking that country as well, or Iran will be humiliated witnessing it’s allies in Lebanon and Syria pulverized and thus become more vulnerable.   Russia is the wild card which is why Bibi went there again this week.   Trump is also a wild card; can  he be manipulated into giving the OK for far greater American intervention?

At the moment you can bet the Obama policy of flooding Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf countries with massive amounts of the latest super weapons has been further escalated by the Trumpees led by “Maddog” General Mattis at the Pentagon, and another Maddog, Pompeo and his Neocons minions, at the CIA.

With the Israeli Prime Minister under tremendous political attack at home that could finally bring him down, and with Trump facing the Mueller investigation that could bring him down, nothing like a major war to change the subject and turn the tide!   The above is what they purposefully say in public; just imagine what they are saying and planning behind-the-scenes!

Map of Lebanon


Robert Parry – Sad Tragedy

29 01 2018

It’s a sad tragedy that Robert Parry is gone.   He was an extraordinary independent investigative journalist, devoted and dedicated and hard-working as few others.

But my own relationship with Parry ended some years ago and the reasons why deserve remembering as well.

After spending a long afternoon with Parry at his home and walking around Arlington, including to his POBox to get the regular small checks that helped keep ConsortiumNews afloat , Parry and I continued to have a number of deep conversations about what’s really going on in Washington, the Neocons, the Middle East, and 9/11.  Parry’s views often had different nuances than mine, quite understandable as our backgrounds and involvements and the things we had professionally dealt with were difference.  No problem with the differences, in fact I think we mutually learned from each other.  On a side note I also remember a funny but telling exchange we had about Patricia Duff.

Where the really big and in the end unbridgeable chasm came that essentially ended our relationship was about 9/11.   Here too no problem that we had different perspectives and conclusions.   The great problem was that Parry went far out of his way to vilify, over and over, other journalists, academics, activists, and organizations who disagreed with him and in many ways were far more knowledgeable than he on this particular subject.  He didn’t even seem to realize that just as he had broken so much ground years ago with what at the time were said to be his bogus “conspiracy theories”; others were working hard and diligently to investigate critical aspects of 9/11.    Parry not only disagreed; he actively berated, insulted, denigrated and abused any and all including major personalities he should have at least wanted to speak and engage with but refused to do so.

Here are just a couple of the exchanges we had starting in 2011 and ending in 2016:

To:  Robert Parry, 15 April 2011
From:  Mark Bruzonsky

Hi Bob,
You seem to be color blind with a kind of religious zeal when it comes to 9/11.   The part I find unacceptable is that you commit the same kinds of mistakes that you so rightly charge others with when you wildly denounce and defame and so wrongly lump everyone together with such gross insults.   Worse yet it seems is sheer ignorance on your part not to even know it seems that there are some very substantial and accomplished and credible people — people who are as committed and work as hard as you do — who are involved in challenging 9/11.  Bottom line — you do them and yourself real harm — and for me it undermines the other vital and important and impressive work you do and have done for so long.

To:  Robert Parry, 23 April 2016
From:  Mark Bruzonsky

My  problem with you was never that we disagreed…though I do not believe you have really seriously looked into 9/11 in view of your extreme hostility from the start and what we talked about that long day at your home and while walking around Arlington; after all I’m well aware that different people have different blind-spots and sensitivities. My serious problem with you is your continuing  defamation and name-calling and insulting of other very dedicated and serious persons who have in fact, at great time and dedication and hard work, come forth with considerable evidence and more.   Simply said Bob you are not the only person who seriously investigates things and in fact I’m  certain that if you would ever agree to debate anyone on a whole list of persons about this in public you would lose badly.


A unique sui generis Washington journalist, one of the few to win the I.F. Stone award (and Izzy was a very special mentor and friend of mine), is gone.   We all have our weak points and mistakes, but his strengths and determination and brilliant investigative journalistic contributions to critical moments in American history are what we all should be especially remembering, and cherishing, and applauding, at this sad time.

Close the Palestinian Authority!

26 01 2018

British Mandate over Palestine

It’s long past time to end the charade, the illusion, known as “The Palestinian Authority”; and now the Trumpees have made the timing so propitious.   Worse actually, the PA has been a sub-contractor of the Israeli and U.S. occupation from the beginning benefitting a small cabal of corrupted VIP Palestinians at the historic expense of the Palestinian people and international peace.

The new  PA “PLO Ambassador” gave a superficially interesting talk in Washington yesterday, but bottom line it was so embarrassing and disingenuous for he himself is a part of the cabal that is responsible for all the mistakes and all the harm that have befallen the Palestinian people since Madrid and Oslo.

The Americans are ending much of their funding not only for the PA but for UNWRA, on top of declaring Jerusalem is Israeli.   What a moment!    It’s time to declare Madrid/Oslo that gave birth to the PA a great historical deception!   It’s time to loudly condemn the Americans for all the money, arms, and support that have made the brutal Israeli colonization of Palestine possible — they are complicitous and co-conspirators!  It’s time to disband the P.A.!

Let the Zionists and their American and some European sponsors be fully responsible for all of the occupied territories without PA complicity.  Insist that all U.N. resolutions now be fully implemented.   Give much greater “official” support to BDS (which the “Ambassador” didn’t even mention) worldwide.

And two further major steps:

  •  Declare — and have the Arab League, Organization of Islamic States, and General Assembly all endorse — that all further negotiations of any and all kinds with regard to Palestine only take place either at U.N. Headquarters or in Jerusalem at a location on the “Green Line”.
  • Declare — and have the Arab League and OIS endorse — that if the Americans move their Embassy to Jerusalem all Arab and Muslim states will demand that the American Embassies in their capitals be closed and an alternative Embassy location outside the capital will be mandated.

Dems Cave Giving Trump His Wall!

23 01 2018

Image: A graphic presented by border patrol during a presentation about the proposed border wall

Dem Senate Leader Chuck Shumer Sunday:

“On the thorniest issue, of immigration, the president said many times he would take a deal that had included DACA in exchange for the wall.  I put that deal on the table in the Oval Office in a sincere effort at compromise. I put the wall on the table in exchange for strong DACA protections. … It was a generous offer.”

Now when the Dems demand once again DACA they will find they  been out-manuevered and they will have to give Trump a great success with “The Wall”!

In effect the Dems have offered Trump something their base hates and they said they never would, in return for an “intention” to deal with just the DACA immigration issue the Republican base actually favors!

Good Going Dems!   Keep it up and you will throw the 2018 Midterm as you did the 2016 debacle.

Amerika Now

22 01 2018

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        Dysfunctional, Crusading, Evangelical, Insane.   This is today’s Amerika. 

A country that spends billions monthly to kill and colonize Arab and Muslim nations constantly invoking the false Gods of “terrorism” and “9/11”

A country where many citizens every hour die of drug overdoses perpetuated by the alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and Congress.

A country with a capital with a metro system continually breaking down and crumbling infrastructure.

A country run by a superrich oligarchy continually further enriching itself by owning both the means of information (big media) and the means of government (Congress + POTUS).

A country whose military-industrial-CIA-Pentagon complex manipulates everything at home and abroad with hundreds of bases worldwide.

A country now leading the world in opposing urgently needed climate change reforms while pushing the world toward an even more dangerous generation of super nukes and space weapons.

A gated-community country under the extreme influence of Evangelical Crusaders and Racists.

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Hashemites Keep Bowing

21 01 2018

Image result for map of greater syria

The Hashemites of Jordan rule a country created for them out of greater Palestine and Syria by the British.   Through adept “cooperation”, at first with the British Empire and then with the American Empire and the Israelis, they remain today in power.  The CIA and Mossad keep them in power.   That’s why even now when the Palestinians are boycotting American VP Pence refusing to even greet him, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is hosting him this weekend and King Abdullah meeting with him personally.   Oh yes, btw, Abdullah is King, rather than his Uncle the former Crown Prince, because of a CIA operation involving the former American Queen, Lisa Hallaby, who married his father — but that’s a much longer story!

Women’s March 2017 + tomorrow

19 01 2018

WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON DC - 21 Jan 2017 - Constitution Avenue - Video taken by Mark Bruzonsky

The quite unbelieveable WOMEN’S MARCH took place 21 Jan 2017, the day after the Trump Inaugural.   In Washington DC it was truly massive…far more impressive than Trump’s lack-luster poorly attended ceremony and Parade the day before.    Many other marches also took place through the USA and around the world. for an insider’s view of the entire march.

Tomorrow in DC and many other locations there will be an anniversary march.   Don’t expect the numbers and volume like last year.   But do remember last year!