Abbas is Dead

16 01 2018

Mahmoud Abbas slams Trump over 'slap of the century'

If Mahmoud Abbas, keeps to his recent damning words about the US, Israel and “the peace process”, he’s gone or dead.   That’s what Arafat actually did after 2000.  After isolating him and bombing his compound in Ramallah, it took the Israelis a few years to get the U.S. ok for his “stealth assassination” — it was then done by Sharon with Bush/Cheney concurrence in 2004.  Abbas is well-aware of this reality, he and his top aides were in fact otdered to be complicitous in the cover up for which they were well-rewarded both politically and financially.

The U.S. and Israel will first try to once again use Abbas and get him to continue doing what they want regardless of the speeches he gives his own now demoralized and destitute people.  He’s been playing this game with the US/Israel/Arab regimes for more than 30 years; and actually he’s old and frail enough now that he might just pass on.  But they already have plans to replace him with another, perhaps Mohammad Dahlan, whom the CIA, Mossad, and UAE/Saudis have been training and preparing for the job for quite some time.