Kick Abbas Out!

18 01 2018

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Abbas has been a disaster for the Palestinian people!  It was he who actually signed the Oslo Accords.  It was he who oversaw the PA becoming a contractor occupier for the Israelis and Americans.  More than anyone else it was he who made possible the Israeli implementation of worse than Apartheid realities,  “the Wall”, the vastly increased settlement, and the escalating imprisonment restrictions in Jerusalem and Gaza and beyond.

His speech last weekend hardly excuses that he and his VIP comrades are at the very least co-complicitous for what has happened.  Yet he took no responsibility for all the terrible historical mistakes he has made.

Abbas and his VIP underlings should be kicked out of power and the PA either taken over by independent nationalist corruption-free Palestinians or totally disbanded with authority for Palestinian affairs returning to the PLO in exile and not under occupation.

Better yet, though they should be kicked out of authority they should be forced to remain in Palestine, to turn over their passports and foreign bank accounts, and held accountable for what they have done and all the enrichments they have accumulated in the past 25 years.