Robert Parry – Sad Tragedy

29 01 2018

It’s a sad tragedy that Robert Parry is gone.   He was an extraordinary independent investigative journalist, devoted and dedicated and hard-working as few others.

But my own relationship with Parry ended some years ago and the reasons why deserve remembering as well.

After spending a long afternoon with Parry at his home and walking around Arlington, including to his POBox to get the regular small checks that helped keep ConsortiumNews afloat , Parry and I continued to have a number of deep conversations about what’s really going on in Washington, the Neocons, the Middle East, and 9/11.  Parry’s views often had different nuances than mine, quite understandable as our backgrounds and involvements and the things we had professionally dealt with were difference.  No problem with the differences, in fact I think we mutually learned from each other.  On a side note I also remember a funny but telling exchange we had about Patricia Duff.

Where the really big and in the end unbridgeable chasm came that essentially ended our relationship was about 9/11.   Here too no problem that we had different perspectives and conclusions.   The great problem was that Parry went far out of his way to vilify, over and over, other journalists, academics, activists, and organizations who disagreed with him and in many ways were far more knowledgeable than he on this particular subject.  He didn’t even seem to realize that just as he had broken so much ground years ago with what at the time were said to be his bogus “conspiracy theories”; others were working hard and diligently to investigate critical aspects of 9/11.    Parry not only disagreed; he actively berated, insulted, denigrated and abused any and all including major personalities he should have at least wanted to speak and engage with but refused to do so.

Here are just a couple of the exchanges we had starting in 2011 and ending in 2016:

To:  Robert Parry, 15 April 2011
From:  Mark Bruzonsky

Hi Bob,
You seem to be color blind with a kind of religious zeal when it comes to 9/11.   The part I find unacceptable is that you commit the same kinds of mistakes that you so rightly charge others with when you wildly denounce and defame and so wrongly lump everyone together with such gross insults.   Worse yet it seems is sheer ignorance on your part not to even know it seems that there are some very substantial and accomplished and credible people — people who are as committed and work as hard as you do — who are involved in challenging 9/11.  Bottom line — you do them and yourself real harm — and for me it undermines the other vital and important and impressive work you do and have done for so long.

To:  Robert Parry, 23 April 2016
From:  Mark Bruzonsky

My  problem with you was never that we disagreed…though I do not believe you have really seriously looked into 9/11 in view of your extreme hostility from the start and what we talked about that long day at your home and while walking around Arlington; after all I’m well aware that different people have different blind-spots and sensitivities. My serious problem with you is your continuing  defamation and name-calling and insulting of other very dedicated and serious persons who have in fact, at great time and dedication and hard work, come forth with considerable evidence and more.   Simply said Bob you are not the only person who seriously investigates things and in fact I’m  certain that if you would ever agree to debate anyone on a whole list of persons about this in public you would lose badly.


A unique sui generis Washington journalist, one of the few to win the I.F. Stone award (and Izzy was a very special mentor and friend of mine), is gone.   We all have our weak points and mistakes, but his strengths and determination and brilliant investigative journalistic contributions to critical moments in American history are what we all should be especially remembering, and cherishing, and applauding, at this sad time.