28 02 2018

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Despite all of the melting-pot and multi-religious symbolisms, America is actually a Christian Crusading Jesus nation.   It’s in Evangelical Christianity where “American Exceptionalism” on top of “Manifest Destiny” has it’s roots.   And at it’s heart this is what propelled Trump/Pence to power of late — Bush/Cheney, Reagan/Bush as well as Jimmy and Richard and so many others in history past.

In recent years the Christian Evangelicals and the Zionist Jews have formed an unholy alliance.   One group believes in the rapture and “the Chosen People” who will be converted to salvation.   The other group believes that any political and ideological tricks that further their “Jewish State” land-grab in the Middle East is justified to keep them supreme.  Linked together they are ideologically driven — religious zealotry on top of real-politick — to continue to control and dominate the world.

Billy Graham “Lying in State” in the Washington Capitol this week is the ultimate epitome of Christ Crusading America.


The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President – GET IT

27 02 2018 GET IT!

“This is an historic work in the history of American psychiatry. We have never been in this place before.” —Lawrence O’Donnell

“There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump…profound, illuminating and discomforting” —Bill Moyers

“The stand these psychiatrists are taking takes courage, and their conclusions are compelling.”The Washington Post

Remember Hillary?

26 02 2018


22 02 2018

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Today’s Message to TRUMP from the students and the rest of us who admire them should be: NO, NO, and NO!

This bastard deranged superdangerous President had the audacity yesterday to use his “listening session” to float NRA propaganda on TV using the grieving students and parents as unwitting props.

The NRA for a long time has ceaselessly lobbied and propagandized for MORE guns of all kinds, LESS RESTRICTIONS in all places, MORE people armed and ready everywhere.   Now it is exploiting the latest mass school shooting and the major protests it has spawned to ARM THE TEACHERS!   Trump manipulated those he invited to the White House yesterday to get himself on TV everywhere fronting for that NRA goal!

Remember as well, Trump was the first President to speak at the annual conventions of the NRA and CPAC last year.

As for “bump stocks” and “background checks” those have always been NRA diversion tactics, now Trump’s as well, fogging the real issue which is banning mass-killing “modern-day” weapons of war from our homes and communities.


19 02 2018

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Guns and Violence!  The National Rifle Association and how it funds and blackmails officials and politicians is guilty!

Drug Epidemic!   The pharmaceutical industry and how it funds and blackmails officials,  politicians and doctors is guilty!

Middle East wars!   The Israeli/Jewish Lobby – AIPAC and the Presidents Conference in the lead — and how it funds and blackmails officials, politicians and the media is guilty!

Imperialistic Foreign Policy!   The war profiteers interconnected with the Pentagon and CIA and how they propagandize and control the media, Hollywood, Washington and segments of academia is guilty!

Oligarchic Control!    The Banks and Wall Street and how they fund and blackmail officials, politicians, and the media are guilty!

The American Campaign Finance System!   Illegality in plain sight!  Legalized Corruption!   The mechanism, along with the “Two-Party System”, that all these lobbyists use and manipulate having created and nurtured it for so long!

The Lobby Industry in Washington is more than 50,000 strong.  And the revolving door from public office and the military to lucrative corporate pay-offs is the way of life for the governing class in America!

It’s time for a new American Revolution so the “land of the free and the home of the brave” can be freed from the multitude of evils the Lobbyists and their Corporate and Government benefactors are guilty of perpetrating!

American Killing Epidemic

17 02 2018

OCTOBER, 30, 2017: Nuclear bomb explosion in the city, mushroom clouds and caricature character of American President Donald Trump with flag. Vector Illustration. — Stock Vector #171773894

The horrible Florida school massacre is just the latest.    How tragic and sad; so much grief and suffering.    BUT….and it’s a huge BUT…Americans have no sense that they bomb and kill rapaciously daily in so many countries where there are SO many distraught families who terribly suffer because of the international American Killing Epidemic which is far far worse than what happens at home.

In 2016 alone some 26,000 American bombs were dropped around the world with untold numbers killed, cities destroyed, countries decimated.   And that’s just the number official acknowledged!

From Iraq to Afghanistan, from Syria to Yemen, from Libya to Palestine to Somalia, and in the not too distant past think Vietnam and Cambodia, the Americans and their friends using American weapons and support are killing and destroying with a toll in the millions!    But for all that grief and suffering the Americans and their controlled “main stream media” have nothing to say.


16 02 2018

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What has been done to the people of Gaza is one of the more recent and biggest of Israeli and U.S. crimes perpetrated on the Palestinian people.   Maddeningly, it is the contractor occupation regime, known as the “Palestinian Authority”, which has joined in the dastardly policies which have destroyed Gaza and made life unbearable in this imprisoned and tortured sub-part of historic Palestine.   Egypt as well is also responsible as is Saudi Arabia for its underwriting of Junta Egypt and escalating connivance with the Israelis as well as the Americans.