Getting Mueller

1 02 2018

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Unable to “fire” Bob Mueller Trump is maneuvering to box him in and prevent his investigation from going to the crucial financially improprieties and illegalities that underscore Presidential “collusion” and “obstruction of justice”.

Here are the steps ahead that Trump may take:

  1. The unprecedented release by the House Republicans of the memo they themselves wrote for Trump claiming pro-Hillary anti-Trump FBI collusion during the campaign.
  2. The Deputy Attorney General responsible for Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, is then pushed out, one way or another, with claims he was involved in the misdeeds and/or didn’t do his oversight job properly.
  3. Appointment of a Trump team replacement for Rosenstein puts a Trumpee in position and with authority to reign in, circumvent, and block Mueller.
  4. Continued undermining and rumor-mongering of Mueller so if he persists he can either be removed by the new Rosenstein or sufficiently discredited so the conclusions of his investigation can be obscured and sidelined.
  5. Still more false and exaggerated rumors about the FBI and maybe even a second Special Counsel to further confuse and smokescreen Mueller.

Image result for caricature trump and mueller