Egypt in secret military alliance with Israel!

4 02 2018

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It is, or rather it was, a secret military alliance between Egypt, Israel, and thus of course the USA.  Shortly after taking power in an Israeli-Saudi backed coup against the elected government, General Sisi made a dastardly secret alliance to keep himself in power.   The Israeli military, as well as Mossad, was now on his side and that has also meant, especially since the Trumpees took power in Washington, an extended secret alliance with the USA, the Pentagon and CIA also helping keep General Sisi in power which Obama has initially opposed.

The now exposed part of all this is that the Israeli military for some time now has been bombing anti-Sisi forces in Gaza and they of course are using U.S. supplied weapons.  As has just been reported “The Israeli drones are unmarked, and the Israeli jets and helicopters cover up their markings. Some fly circuitous routes to create the impression that they are based in the Egyptian mainland.”

Israel and Egypt have promised each other to keep the secret well secret.   But with so much tension in Washington, and with the story breaking in the NYTimes, it is thought dissidents in the U.S. intelligence community have probably leaked the story both to demonstrate their power and to undermine the Trump super-alliance on behalf of Israel with both Saudi Arabia and Egypt.    The Jordanians too are involved, but they have to do what they are told as it is the Mossad and CIA which keep the Hashemites in Amman in power as well.