Remember this when it comes to Israel

6 02 2018

When it comes to Israel both American political parties, and of course the Congress, are  nearly completely “occupied” by the Israeli/Jewish/Evangelical Lobby and the super-money Zionist funders.   Moreover the Israelis have been the major force pushing for American wars, troops and CIA operations, in the Middle East including the invasion of Iraq, the destruction if Syria, the most recently the US-Israeli political coup in Saudi Arabia and the destruction of Yemen.    Now “the lobby” is pushing hard for the Trumpees to help them take on Lebanon and Iran while keeping the Syrian as well as Afghan and Yemen conflicts ongoing.     Plus of course “the lobby” has effectively destroyed the “Two-State Solution” and the “Peace Process” as Israel continually expands and controls all of historic Palestine as well as many of the neighboring Arab “client-regimes”

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