N Korea on top of USA and Japan!

9 02 2018

Mr Pence (L) and North Koreans Kim Yong-nam (C) and Kim Yo-jong (C) studiously ignored each other at the opening ceremony

On Olympics Day 1 definitely a big, even stunning, P.R. victory for North Korea!

Not only did Kim’s sister steal the show and get a warm handshake from South Korean President Moon, she also forced Mike Pence to skip dinner — at which he was to sit at the same table with the elderly nominal head of state of N Korea who has accompanied Kim to the Olympics.

In the above picture sister Kim is sitting “on top” of VP Pence and Japanese PM Abe who never turned around to say hello and departed early once again!

Plus Pence made the usual fool of himself by prancing around declaring even more crushing sanctions on N Korea and mucho more billions for the American Pentagon war machine, while the Koreans themselves are parading into the Olympics arm in arm and under a joint unity flag!