President Pence

6 03 2018

It’s a matter of time now before the Trump Presidency morphs into the Pence Presidency.   How much destruction of what many kinds will occur along the way is primarily up to the mentally-ill exceedingly dangerous current occupant of the White House.

The Republican establishment can’t wait for the transitior.  Special Prosecutor Mueller is actually a buttoned-down one of them now with considerable “bi-partisan” backing.

The Israelis and the Zionist Evangelical Christians can’t wait.  Pence is really their choice as Trump has already served their purposes so well.

In many ways Pence may well be worse for the Democrats and the Liberals.    He will continue to stack the courts and even if he doesn’t get a term of his own (which he likely will) America will still be changed in profound ways for more than a generation.     Plus his far-right Christian leanings may make him even more than Trump likely to engage in ever-more-dangerous military-ideological conflict engagements on top of the vast military build-up on the way to the Biblical Rapture and Armageddon.