Thank You China/Korea!

9 03 2018

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It’s China and the two Koreas that deserve the thanks, and the applause, not crazy Trump and the dangerous Pentagon militarists.  The Asians have out-maneuvered the Americans with their own behind-on-scenes diplomacy, on top of great public p.r. of late.  If they keep it up they might even be able to finally bring an end to the Korean War, a retreat of American forces from the peninsula, and a gradual two-system reunification of the country.  What we are witnessing is another example of China on the rise; and in this case of Koreans trying to carefully take back their country and their independence, as the Vietnamese managed to do though under quite different circumstances.  We Americans should actually be grateful to the Asians this time, especially to the careful leadership of China under President Xi…very grateful!