Orthodox Zionist Jew Kushner

10 03 2018

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There are things the “mainstream” press just doesn’t deal with.  The reasons are complicated and for another time.   Today let’s just deal with the big elephant in the room when it comes to Jared Kushner.

It’s been an unspoken reality for some time in official Washington that persons of Jewish  heritage are suspect when it comes to foreign policy and economic issues of interest to Israel.   Jonathan Pollard was the public face of these concerns.  But the underlying reality is that Jews in general, whether proclaimed Zionists or not, have not been able to get some positions requiring top security clearances precisely because of concern that wittingly or not their connections with other Jews and Israel could cause “leaks” of vital information to the Jewish State

With regard to Kushner specifically, does anyone doubt that his influence on Trump was a major factor behind the never-before Presidential declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and moving the American Embassy there from Tel Aviv?   Does anyone doubt that if Kushner had been against this, or even cautioned against this, especially in his role, absurd as it is, as Middle East Peace negotiator, that Trump would probably not have done what he did?

Remember now we are not dealing here with just a normal person.  Jared Kushner has been a super Zionist orthodox Jew his whole life and someone with close friends, connections, and financial dealings with the Israeli right-wing and settler movement.  Bibi Netanyahu even use to stay over at the Kushner home years ago and when he did he was given young Jared’s room and slept in Kushner’s bed!