NO Security Clearance for TRUMP!

12 03 2018

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Like son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump himself would not be able to get top security clearance for fear he is subject to blackmail, because of his mental state, and because of his naivete in dealings with foreign powers.

In her recent interview Putin was asked:  “Anytime [Trump] says anything about you, it is extremely deferential, never a harsh word for you, although if you look at the way he speaks about members of his own party, of his own staff, never mind other political leaders, he frequently, personally insults them. Why do you think he’s so nice to you?”

The Russians probably not only have things about Trump they can blackmail him with.  They probably also have things about 9/11 and more they could use as political and psychological weapons to upend things in America, in addition to their nuke and cyber warfare capabilities.    And even if the Russians do not use these multiple weapons, including Trump’s hidden personal secrets, he knows they have them and that in itself constitutes their partial use and why Trump himself, like Kushner, would not get top security clearance if he were not in fact President.