Madman in the White House

13 03 2018

donald trump rolling stone cover illustration potus

The psychiatrists and political analysts have to use much more professional terminology and demeanor.  The first have told us clearly and boldly he is a dangerous incurable “Malignant Narcissist”.    The later have written and broadcast story after story with that conclusion between the lines.    So many think we have a madman as President, but can’t use the term.

Just a few recent matters:

  1.  With his affairs with x-rated porn stars, and the payoffs to shut them up, leaking, Trump directs his personal attorney fixer to act in ways that only draw more attention to what he has done as well as to the many women who have publicly accused him.  Pretty nutty trying to censor 60 Minutes!  CBS and Stormy couldn’t have asked for more publicity and assistance from Trump!
  2.  As for Kim of North Korea, surely the Generals will make sure the two are never alone and that Trump doesn’t lose it when Kim demands, quite understandably in return for the demand NKorea disarm, that the Americans finally end the Korean War with a formal peace treaty plus agree to withdraw their military forces from the Peninsula in stages and in effect make China the guarantor of NKorea security.
  3. He fires his Secretary of State via Twitter without even talking to him or letting him know, forcing us all to remember his firing of FBI Director Comey and that so many others once at his side have been fired, dismissed, or resigned.
  4. He comically announces his reelection campaign, “Keep America Great!”, long before any former President has ever done so.
  5. He continues, even escalates, his sui generis pattern of false mega-boasts, inexplicable mega-denials, and contradictory mega-utterances.