Stephen Hawking and BDS Week

17 03 2018

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The PLO should proclaim STEPHEN HAWKING WEEK

A few years ago in 2013 Stephen Hawking very publicly joined the BDS movement targeting the Israelis for their much worse-than-apartheid policies against the Palestinians.  The proper way for all of us to honor him upon his death is to follow in his footsteps.  And the PLO and PA should now take the lead as well as the opportunity to proclaim the week ahead STEPHEN HAWKING WEEK.

Beyond science, Hawking was a major humanist personality, a la Einstein — transnational and inter-religious.    So next Friday Hawking should be celebrated at Al Aksa, on Saturday some brave Israeli Jews should honor Hawking at the Wailing Wall, and then on Sunday the venue should be The Church of the Holy Sepulchre — all in Al Quds, Yerushalayim, Jerusalem.

On all three days there should be tributes to Hawking with banners and readings from his teachings about and warnings to humanity, which should include his reasons for becoming an advocate of BDS.   And on all three days persons from the other religious faiths should be invited and welcomed to the Muslim (Friday), Jewish (Saturday), and Christian (Sunday) sites which are all within quick walking distance of each other in the “Old” Walled City of Jerusalem.