FBI to the Rescue?

24 03 2018

Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star Tribune

Forgotten it seems is that it was the Deputy Director of the FBI that brought Richard Nixon down.   Only 31 years after “Tricky Dicky”  was forced to resign did we learn that “Deep Throat” who spilled the beans to The Washington Post was Mark Felt, #2 at the FBI at the time.

Now we have a far more dangerous and quite mad President who many are determined to bring down,  but who himself has already fired both the Director and Deputy Director of the FBI.  But he can’t fire the former FBI Director as Mueller is now the Special Counsel appointed by the Justice Department and answerable to it alone.   Even so that Justice Department is headed by two life-long Republicans actually appointed by Trump himself.

This is likely to end with President Pence.   How much mayhem, chaos and destruction will proceed that is among the Big Questions of our time.