Crusader Pompeo + Bloody Torturer Gina + Crazed Hyper Neocon Bolton

26 03 2018

‘Jesus Christ our savior is truly the only solution for our world’Image result for picture pompeo, bolton

Believe it or not, Christian Crusader Pompeo actually said that and in public!  Torturer Gina Haspel has been behind-the-scenes at the CIA her whole career with not much of a public record — but just wait for her Congressional confirmation hearing where she will evade and twist not to say anything revealing, memorable or perjury prone.   Bolton is very much on the record vocally supporting “pre-emptive attacks” and “first strikes” against Iran and North Korea while even now continuing to applaud himself for his tremendous support of the Afghanistan/Iraq invasions.

Now seriously legally endangered Trump has himself his team — as Bush/Cheney put in place when they came to power — to lash out and try to change the national discourse and his political fate.   Expect all kinds of provocations and false-flags as together they quickly pursue escalating covert as well as overt military strikes, with the powerful Israeli and Saudi lobbies as well as his careerist war-mongers and consiglieres now urging him on morning, day, and night.