Junta Egypt Sisi Fraud

29 03 2018

(replace Mubarak’s head with Sisi’s)

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General Sisi is a brutal dictator and his regime is a Junta a la those in the past in Chile, Greece, Argentina and beyond.   In the end Juntas collapse and the Generals responsible are jailed, forced to flee, or killed.  But while in power they bring about immense heartache and destruction to their country and society.

The laughable “vote” extended for three days with so many threats and bribes is a testament to the ridiculous nature of this Egyptian Junta, instigated and financed by the Saudis it should be remembered and then nurtured by the U.S.

Desperately clinging to power and corruption, Sisi along with the Saudis is now aligned with the Zionist regime in Israel, as well as the Pentagon/CIA.  Those of us who admire the courage and revolutionary-zeal a few years ago of the Egyptian people should actually be expanding BDS to include Egypt and the Saudis in addition to Israel.