30 03 2018

The refugees of Gaza are rightly rebelling.  They have the “right of return” acknowledged for many years by the United Nations, and they are supposed to be protected by international law.   But everyone has failed them!

It is not only the Israeli military occupier that has imprisoned and killed/tortured the refugees of Gaza which needs to be condemned.   And btw as a result BDS worldwide is certainly a fitting and justifiable response.   What the Israelis have done would not have been possible but for the help and assistance of the U.S., U.K, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.   Each of them and more is complicitous in different ways and they are all quite deserving of condemnation.

The refugees of Gaza are right to be rebelling!   And it’s also the sub-occupying regime known as the “Palestine Authority” which has forced them to do so and which also has to be condemned and held accountable.

As the latest struggle escalates, we should all be applauding, admiring and doing all that we can to assist the refugees of Gaza!