30 04 2018

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What a crafty super hypocritical stunt show Bibi of Israel put on today trying to save himself from indictment and prison.   Iran has no nukes.  It is Iran that has been under threat of invasion and covert regime change ever since the 1979 revolution; and before that the CIA and Mossad kept the reinstalled tortuous Shah on the Peacock Throne!   The Iraq attack on Iran in 1980 was fomented and fueled by the U.S. and Israel trying to reconquer Iran at that time; much as the Syrian civil war was conceived and fueled by the same parties plus Saudi Arabia in 2011.

It is Israel that has a vast arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons from strategic to tactical.  And thanks to the US, along with UK/French/German assistance, the Israelis have multiple delivery systems from the latest high-tech ballistic missiles and bomber aircraft, to very modern nuke-armed submarines, to battlefield nuke artillery.

It is Iran in fact which is everywhere surrounded by U.S. military forces and overwhelming U.S. military power in addition to that of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

What Bibi did today was clearly orchestrated with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia as they keep maneuvering to ignite a regional conflict to take down Syria and Lebanon, and in the process weaken, isolate or take down Iran if the excuse or false flag presents itself.  The new Neocon T-Party Secretary of State had just visited both Saudi Arabia and Israel to handle the plot in person.  And the plotters now have team mate Bolton at Trump’s side in the White House.   It’s a war mafia a la that of Cheney/Wolfowitz/Rumsfeld/Perle/Feith coordinated with Prime Minister Sharon of Israel back in 2001.

Very shortly after Bibi spoke from the Defense HQ in Tel Aviv a few hours ago, the super influential DrudgeReport hyped it with the front-page shown above further assuring all the media are going to feature it big time on news programs tonight and newspaper tomorrow.



30 04 2018

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Israel has again and more massively attacked Syria.  The US/UK/France did so earlier this month after perpetrating a “false flag” attack for their excuse.   The goal is to ignite a regional war to take down Syria, Lebanon, and Iran through one excuse or another.

After the Israel and Western attacks the Russians publicly announced they would not allow further attacks and are rushing more defensive arms and missiles to Syria.  The Israelis have publicly announced they will attack Iran if attacked — that is counterattacked — from Syria.   The Lebanese, now dominated by Hezollah, are awaiting orders to unleash their missiles on Israel if their deterrent purpose fails.

The stage is set for the regional war Israel and the Saudis have been pushing to ignite for some time now…as long as they know the U.S. will get drawn in on their side and finish off their enemies.


29 04 2018

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Precisely because of all the threats from the Israelis and Americans to attack, and/or to squeeze Tehran into submission one way or another, Iran should be arming fast and furious with conventional weapons both for deterrence and if that fails regional  war.  If it comes to war the Iranians and allies, especially Lebanon, will have little time to wait and will have to lash back at Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as US regional forces quickly.   To do that it is not nuclear weapons that Iran needs, but rather a vast supply of conventional weapons especially missiles.

As the Americans and Israelis continually say superior strength — both deterrent and second-strike — is the best defense to prevent war. The Iranians are well aware they cannot aspire to superior strength, but they can have sufficient deterrence power to try to prevent attack and if need be to counter-attack with such power that the war can be quickly ended, preferably by forceful international diplomatic intervention by Russia  and China, and international pressures.

This kind of arming — missiles, gunboats, conventional regional forces, allies — is fully in accord with what was agreed to in the 2015 “nuclear deal”.  This kind of arming is totally justified, necessary, and completely in keeping with all international agreement.  The very notion that the U.S. and UK, along with France and Germany, can arm Israel, the Saudis, and the Gulf countries with vast quantities of the latest missiles, tanks, and firepower while Iran is supposed to succumb to additional pressures not to do this and that is ludicrous.

After what the Americans. with much Israeli and Saudi plus Gulf assistance, have done in recent years to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Syria and beyond, the Iranians would be foolhardy not to realize they can only prevent this coming to them by a combination of powerful weapons and diplomacy.  They might even go so far as to quietly invite the Russian military into Iran now, or else it might soon be too late.


Remember this Saudi King?

28 04 2018

Contrast the dignified and independent King Faisal with today’s MBS!   Faisal was trying to assert Arab and Muslims interests in support of the Palestinian people and thus in opposition to the USA and Israel.   And so they assassinated him with a historic warning designed to assure that all future Saudi Kings fear and obey.   Now they in fact have one of their own in MBS – empowered by political coup assisted if not masterminded by CIA and Mossad.

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24 04 2018

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Well…not quite…but here’s the story.    The George Washington University Student Senate in the early morning hours today, after a rousing multi-hour 80+ speaker marathon, voted to demand the University start boycotting and divesting from American companies that help fuel the Israeli occupation of Palestine.   This comes just weeks before the White House preparations — just blocks away from GWU — for ceremonies that will underscore US recognition of Jerusalem as Jewish/Israeli symbolized by moving the Embassy for the first time in history.

Coming on top of Natalie Portman — though saying not fully supporting BDS she in effect acted on it — and the major J-Street Conference last week which was in some ways a desperate attempt to get a mulltitude of students trained to oppose BDS on their campuses, BDS is having more impact than ever.

The $50+ million dollar slush fund from Jewish/Zionist oligarchs working under orders from Israel to stamp out BDS is failing and Israel’s image is taking a beating.

Jewish students guided by Hillel at GWU went on a demo in the early hours this morning after they failed to intimidate the student Senators from voting their consciences in this important symbolic move at one of the country’s most important and heavily Jewish Universities.


The Same Colonial Powers Attack, Divide, and sponsor “Client Regimes” in the Middle East 100 Years On

23 04 2018

A Peace to End All Peace


21 04 2018

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The real goal for some time has been to use “false flags”, provocations, and a combination of CIA/Pentagon  to ignite a Regional War to take down Syria, Lebanon and Iran one way or another.  The planning for this goes back a long time, the Pentagon Chiefs got the already prepared orders right after 9/11 when they were secretly told to be ready to take 7 countries in 5 years.  But fool-hardiness, counter-“client regimes” Arab/Muslim forces, and Russian intervention (with Chinese encouragement) have so far prevented that.   Now a resurgent Israel/Saudi/US/UK/French/Neocon alliance is reorganizing with the same objective of reasserting regional control using Trump even at the risk of World War.

Primarily the Russians prevented conflagration ignition earlier this month by threatening counteraction in Syria; not the first time they have blocked the Imperialist/Colonial Judeo/Christian forces.   Now under escalating theats and provocations they are rushing further advanced weapons and defenses to Syria while also enhancing their relations with Turkey and Iran.

Even the public warnings and threats have become more shrill, a kind of verbal/psychological deterrence as this yesterday from a top Commander of the Iranian forces:

“Wherever you are in the occupied land, you’ll be under fire from us, from east and west. You became arrogant. If there’s a war, the result will be your complete elimination.   Your soldiers and civilians will flee, and you won’t survive. And you’ll have nowhere to run, except to fall into the sea.”