Extreme Saudi Treachery and Betrayal!

13 04 2018

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MBS has already made a secret visit to Israel and cavorted with some of the most extreme Jewish leaders and Zionist organizations in the US and Europe.   Now, taking his treachery and betrayal to an even higher level he is joining the US, UK, and France — the former colonial powers responsible for the balkanization of the Middle East and so much past bloodshed — in the escalating attacks on Syria!

Such treason against the Arabs, the Muslims, the Palestinians, and in fact what his own country represented until MBS and his incapacitated father King Salman, came to power, was unimaginable.   Though much remains secret, enough is known already to realize the Salman father and son team were encouraged and helped to power in a kind of Royal Family Coup masterminded in fact by Mossad and CIA working closely with super religious jew and extreme Zionist himself Jared Kushner.