“It is a Troubled Place!”

14 04 2018


So spoketh the mad President of the Americans as he ordered the U.S., along with the former colonial powers the UK and France, to attack Syria overly once again.  There was no Congressional declaration of war (when Obama tried 5 years ago he had to back off), nor did the Brits this time hold a Parliamentary vote (last time it was a firm NO).

The US/UK/France — the very nations that made the Middle East such “a troubled place” with their false “Paris Peace Agreement of 1919”, the “Peace to End all Peace”, that allowed these colonial powers to balkanize the entire region and occupy it at the time with the help of the “League of Nations” —  are still at it!

Throughout the Middle East, and in much of the world including Russia and China, when they say “It’s a Troubled Place!” they are now referring to Trumpee America grafted on top of the Imperialist War Party that controls the State and threatens the world!

After all — seems to be forgotten by the commentators — it was the US and it’s top allies (Israel, Saudi Arabia and at the time Turkey) who fomented the Syrian Civil War in the first place thinking they could bring Assad and his Baath Party down quickly (as they had done in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and beyond).  Then they covertly sent lots of money and arms and the CIA to get the job done.  Then they expanded US forces, mostly using high-tech weaponry, and now facing defeat they are still at it… but so far blocked by Russia and Iran (with China in the wings).

A Peace to End All Peace