10 06 2018

President Trump boards Air Force One at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville in Canada on Saturday as he departs for Singapore

He’s a sick guy….very sick.  It’s so important to always remember this basic reality.  Trump can’t be understood or judged by normal rational standards.   The explanation of his severely dangerous mental illness is well-documented in the best-selling book by Professor Bandy Lee of the Yale Medical School and dozens of her esteemed psychiatric colleagues — THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP.

On his way to Singapore he couldn’t resist demonstrating this derangement apparently thinking he is constantly needing to show his power.  He openly fought on many fronts with America’s top allies at the G7.    While they all said things are really bad with him he gave his connections with them a whopping 10 out of 10!   Then he refused to even join in the final communique lambasting the Canadian host Trudeau with epithets…”meek”, “dishonest”, “weak”.

On top of it he said at his own singular Press Conference before departing early (he had also come late) that he’d know in a minute when meeting DPRK Kim in person if he “liked” him and if they would make a “deal”.  “My touch, my feel, that’s what I do!”   Even then he couldn’t refrain from again publicly threatening Kim that Singapore is a “one-time shot” and he might “walk” so Kim better cave fast; just days after his fellow deranged side-kick Guiliani viciously insulted Kim claiming he had come “crawling on his hands and knees” to Trump.

No need to be a psychiatrist to know this is a very sick, troubled, crazed, dangerous man who has somehow managed to become POTUS.    But there is a pressing need for our country and the world to somehow contain and neutralize him, even as sinister forces — extremist Neocons, Evangelicals, and Israelis at the top of that list — desperately work to manipulate and use him and maybe set us all on fire.