Crazy Trump Attacking NATO and CHINA

11 07 2018


(Oh yes and the China China too…and at the same time!)
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“The mood here is mix of concern, disappointment, anger and disgust…  I expected bad, and I kept telling people to expect bad, but it is still surreal to see.  Everyone is in disbelief, worried [NATO’s] credibility is shot, bracing for what comes out of the private sessions—this thing is just getting started.”   

NATO Official in Brussels

And yet, what the top officials both on Washington and Europe are unable to bring themselves to say in public is that the Americans elected — yes with Russian assistance — a President who is dangerously mentally ill.   Trump is in fact, according to some of the top psychiatrists in the U.S. teaching at some of the best universities, a “Malignant Narcissist” plus other medical terms for his condition.   There is no known treatment for this kind of severe mental illness…only warnings, containment and taking away any weapons that could be dangerous to others.   Hmmm….