Global Catastrophies Looming!

10 10 2018

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Humanity faces global catastrophies all now looming:

  • Climate Breakdown!
  • Global War!
  • Global Economic Breakdown!
  • Global Pandemic Disease!

Not only is little being done to prepare and prevent, most are human caused and the leaders that have led us so badly to such impending disasters, especially American leaders, are in denial, full of excuses, and planning their escapes.

The Climate breakdown we’ve received many severe warnings about, but the U.S. has refused to even acknowledge!

The Global arms race is expanding as never before, fueled and led by the U.S. military/industrial/government complex.

Global economic warnings are also many, just 10 years ago the economic order came close to collapse, but for pyrrhic short-term economic gain the Americans are again leading the world to disaster.

Global pandemic disease increasingly threatens but preventive and preparatory measures are completely inadequate.