Kushner Killed Khashoggi

11 10 2018
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Kushner should be summoned before
Congress to testify under oath.

Without Kushner setting up and overseeing the extra special relationship between Saudi Crown Prince MBS and both Trump and Netanyahu, the Salman regime would not dare do what has been done.   Khashoggi is the tip of the iceberg.  MBS has ordered many others largely unknown to prison, torture, and death.   Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who was well-known and respected, was one of his victims now largely forgotten.   So many others have been imprisoned or killed with both American and Israeli applause.

Add to this the worst war crimes of all by MBS — genocide in Yemen, horrible repression in Bahrain, fomenting the horrendous war in Syria, economic war (so far) on Iran and Qatar.

Without super-Zionist, dually-loyal Kushner at his side so-to-speak — which means Trump, Netanyahu, and the Israeli-Jewish Lobby — MBS would not have dared order the killing and dismemberment of Khashoggi.

Kushner should be held to account…at the least by being summoned immediately before the Senate Foreign Relations and House Foreign Affairs Committees to testify under oath under threat of perjury prosecution.