Secretary of Defense Petraeus

2 11 2018

Image result for petraeus picture This year the thinly masked out-front Saudi lobby in Washington known as The National Council on U.S. Arab Relations (NCUSAR) held its regular annual gathering at the Reagan Center as  always.   It was more subdued than usual and the real draw was C-Span covering it for two reasons — first the patron who gave the first keynote address, Prince Turki bin Faisal bin AbdulAziz al-Saud, one of the most senior members of the Saudi Royal Family spoke, and secondly the Congress is off during pre-election days so C-Span is looking for things to cover.

Image result for picture prince turki al-faisal

Prince Turki was quite subdued himself.  He coldly delivered a short tough more than cover-up speech about the Khashoggi killing, without ever mentioning that Khashoggi had worked for him for many years as one of his key advisers and in fact use to attend this very conference with him.  His basic message was a warning to America that the strategic/economic alliance was of crucial importance and America itself has done so much killing and had so much to account for…so stop with all the “hysterics”

Then super crafty General Petraeus used NCUSAR to get more than an hour, more than anyone else, on C-Span saying things, and not saying things, clearly designed to ingratiate himself with Trump in order to get the job he wants, Secretary of Defense.  Indeed he even dropped a hint he was on the way to the White House after he finished.