Bush was CIA choice for Pres

1 12 2018

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Gerald Ford was President after Nixon’s resignation and Agnew’s overthrow put him in line.  Bush headed the CIA for only one year in 1976, departing the day Carter became President on 20 Jan 1977.   That was when top CIA officials decided they were going to help him become the next President replacing Carter.   I only know a small bit of the story, but I heard it directly from the former Deputy Director of the CIA himself, Ray Cline.

I had just come to Washington and was working at what was then known as the Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies, today just CSIS.   I worked directly with and was mentored by Ray Cline, then the CSIS Executive Director.   One day over lunch quite out of the blue Cline asked me what I thought about George Bush.  Actually I had little to say as I knew so little about such things back then.  Though he didn’t say it directly,  the nature and tone of the discussion was that Bush would be a great President.   Years later I realized Cline was feeling me out — someone so much younger and with such a different background from him — as Cline and his CIA circles were already positioning Bush to take over the White House.

A few years later Reagan became President with Bush his VP, and Bush got his turn in 1988.   Even today, though he actually headed the Agency for less than a year, CIA HQ is known as The George Bush Center for Intelligence.