EGYPT – Stop The Money!

8 01 2019

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The U.S. gives Egypt more money yearly than any other country except Israel.  Junta Egypt is now a terribly repressive military/police state more than ever and that money should cease. It started years ago as a bribe to get Egypt to make a separate peace with Israel and to help the U.S. infiltrate the Egyptian military and government.  Now it props up one of the most brutal dictatorial regimes allied with the U.S.

I have visited Egypt myself over 50 times and played a role in history meeting alone privately with the Egyptian President and many Foreign Ministers as a very young journalist with an invitation to Anwar Sadat to make his historic visit to Israel.  In the end things worked out very badly for the Egyptians as well as for the Palestinians while propelling a regional cycle of wars and chaos  as well as the assassination of Sadat.

After the military coup a few years ago I told the Egyptian Ambassador in Washington I would no longer be visiting his country, or even his Embassy which is near where I live, until the Junta and all the torture and repression were no more.   If U.S. funds were cut off that day could be hastened.    I wish others would follow my lead.

Image result for caricature egypt and israel and united states