World on Fire!

27 11 2019

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I’m not even referring to the unprecedented major fires that have swept across the globe from Siberia to Australia to California.   I am referring to:

  • Chile
  • Hong Kong
  • Bolivia
  • Algeria
  • Palestine
  • Venezuela
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Paris
  • UK/Brexit
  • Lebanon
  • Cairo
  • Kurdistan
  • Kashmir
  • Extinction Rebellion worldwide

Worldwide the international system is breaking down as never before.   Internally so many countries are breaking apart in so many ways.  Add to this the worldwide debt and financial crises including rampant deficit borrowing in the U.S. on top of the FED printing money epidemic which together have created a huge American economic bubble.

The widespread albeit different-per-country financial and political corruption, the gross misuse of resources, accelerating climate destruction, despicable corporate greed, unending banking excesses, escalating dictatorial repression, massive weapons of mass destruction escalation, huge military expenditures at the expense of basic social welfare…

So many lurking catastrophes are the result.   We may be past the point of return and thus in a fight for survival not just with regard to climate.

Without crisis/war Bibi is finished and heading to prison

25 11 2019

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Major War with International Crisis now appear to be Netanyahu’s only way of not just staying in power but staying out of prison.    The Middle East is set to explode into the greatest regional war in history.   Any real or false-flag spark (the second most likely) can now become the Israel/US excuse to set it off.   The Americans have been rushing many more thousands of troops, attack as well as anti-missile missiles, warplanes, and warships to the Gulf.   The Israelis have greatly escalated their air as well as covert attacks in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.   The main target is to bring down the government in Iran, and/or destroy much of Iranian power, as well as to recast and regain control over the governments in Damascus and Beirut   With Trump being manipulated and boxed in to let the war unfold, believing that his best option for staying in power and avoiding prison is also war/crisis, the historic cataclysm is closer than ever.   And with tensions now so high with both Russia and China, on top of approaching economic bubble collapse, major Middle East war could all too easily spin further out of control and engulf the world.

U.S./Israel/Saudis TARGET IRAN

23 11 2019

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In the past half year the Trumpees have dispatched nearly 15,000 additional U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and Israel, positioned an aircraft carrier and an air-armada, rushed billions of dollars in the latest missiles and high-tech weapons, and fomented anti-Iran demonstrations in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria in addition to the streets of Iran’s major cities.   Add to this the greatly enhanced cyber and clandestine plots being orchestrated by NSA, CIA, Mossad, on top of military dark ops.

Now with both Bibi and Trump more personally desperate than ever and with the region more pregnant with cataclysmic regional war fever than ever, any major spark, whether real or false-flag, threatens to ignite the conflagration many of the hardest-line neocons and super Zionists have been preparing for some time.   Their goal now is nothing less than bringing down the governments in Tehran, Beirut, and Damascus in an extremely risky ploy to recast the entire region more firmly under U.S./Israeli/Saudi control, once again to vanquish the Russians, and overall to retain control of the region’s resources, petrodollars, and considerable geopolitical importance.

Giuliani! ‘America’s Mayor to Prison’?

21 11 2019

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Sondland has probably saved himself from the charge of lying to Congress for which other Trumpees are already in prison.   But in the process in addition to Trump he has fingered Giuliani, as well as Pompeo and Mulvaney and other top officials who he repeatedly declared were “all in the loop”.

They should all now be subpoenaed.  Those in major government positions will refuse, even though others also with high government positions in the State Department, the White House, and the NSC have already complied.   That could mean delayed court proceedings to which Bolton has already made himself vulnerable but succeeded with delay.

But Giuliani, formerly known as ‘America’s Mayor’ even though he actually played a major role in the 9/11 coverup,  is another story.  He will claim privilege to not testify as Trump’s attorney.   But actually the role he played was highly political, not legal, and the Congress should call him on it if he refuses subpoena by bringing charges against him and finding a way to do so without Trump’s Justice Department which will try to block everything.

The evidence against Trump is already overwhelming.  In the Senate trial all of these persons and more should be forced to testify.   But just as with the Barr-led Justice Department the Mitchell-led Senate will attempt to minimize everything against Trump.  Even so, just three Republican Senators can upend that if they refuse to agree to Senate rules that would accomplish that goal and insist instead on a serious and comprehensive Impeachment proceeding.

After 45 Presidents and hundreds of years America and it’s three very different but supposedly equally independent branches of inter-locking government have never been in this situation before.

One way out, somewhat partly a la Nixon, would be for Trump to arrange a way to depart with agreement from both federal and state prosecutors that he, his family, and his close associates, will not be prosecuted for any of their many transgressions.   In today’s complicated multi-dimensional multi-personality situation that too would be sui generis, totally unprecedented.

OMG stay tuned!

“President Zelensky Loves Your Ass!”

20 11 2019

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That’s what others have now testified Trump mega-donor turned personal Trump Ambassador said to Trump in a phone call Gordon Sondland previously refused to tell the Congress about in over 7 hours of testimony.

Also previously Trump claimed he “hardly knew” Sondland, even though he had had many meetings and phone calls with Sondland, even though he had given Sondland his secret private number to call him anytime, even though he had in effect deputized Sondland to take over dealing with Ukraine after he had abruptly fired the long-time professional foreign service officer, Marie Yovanovitch, who was Ambassador in Ukraine chosen by Pompeo himself.

Today Sondland testifies in public.   He’s already committed lies and perjury.   He has most definitely not upheld his oath to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”   The signs are already strong that Sondland should be the seventh Trumpee sent to prison, a number of them specifically for lying to Congress.

Trump: ‘Neurological Issue’

19 11 2019

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Trump’s ‘unusual’ visit to the main military hospital in Washington a few days ago, with his personal physician sitting next to him in the unscheduled limo ride, was anything but ‘routine’.

“He is having trouble word-finding when he said united shush instead of the United States. These are words, he can’t find them. This is happening over and over again. Comedians joke about it. It’s not a joking matter. I think there’s a neurological issue that’s not being addressed. If he had an MRI of his head over there, I would be very pleased. I think he needs it.”

This statement from a former top White House physician.   We’ve all been warned from the start of the Trump presidency by dozens of top psychiatrists and mental health professionals about how dangerous this President is exhibiting signs over and over again of severe ‘Malignant Narcissism’ whatever his specific physical and mental ailments might be.


Sondland to Prison next

17 11 2019

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Roger Stone is the sixth Trumpee headed to prison — though he and others are likely to be pardoned by Trump if not before the 2020 election than during the transition period should Trump be defeated.

Despite impending Presidential pardon, Sondland should be next, though the Trump/Barr Justice Department will resist.   Sondland lied in his sworn testimony both in what he said and what he omitted — i.e, he did not tell the truth about some critical matters nor the whole truth about others…most especially his numerous calls with Trump at least one of which we now learn was overhead by others.

Sondland got the cushy European Ambassadorship with no diplomatic experience but lots of money funneled to Trump and his conduits.  He was put in place to do Trump’s dirty work and only caught because of the CIA whistleblower followed by a string of foreign service officers who have now testified before Congress.   His perjury cannot be excused, changed, or forgiven.  The Congress must now make an example of him so that future persons testifying before Congress will remember.