Epstein and Mossad

3 12 2019

Both Epstein and Maxwell were Mossad involved.  Mossad helped them become rich and make contacts in order to use them to obtain highly compromising info on top politicians, financiers, media tycoons in order to to twist and blackmail.

Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales Ghislaine’s father, Robert, a British mega-billionaire media emperor, also died in mysterious circumstances claimed to be “suicide” at sea but hardly likely.  Much more likely, like Epstein Maxwell  too was terminated when he had long provided his handlers what they sought when he too had become too big a burden with too much damning info they needed to bury.

The new book by Dylan Howard out today claims to expose much but hardly all that Epstein took to his grave.  The authors even claim to have exclusively interviewed one of Epstein’s Mossad handlers who detailed how Epstein’s major blackmail enterprise was Mossad-designed to entrap many of the world’s most powerful.  It may be that the Russians were also involved with Epstein for the same purpose.

If the stories in the new book are true, this would explain why Ghislane Maxell has not been arrested as she may still be Mossad protected and/or she may have “insurance” that would surface if she is imprisoned or killed.

Major unanswered questions:

  • What has happened to Epstein’s vast archive of sex tapes and unique blackmail info of so many of the most powerful?
  • Who in the USG is responsible for the decision not to arrest Ghislaine Maxell?
  • What sex crimes did two American Presidents commit facilitated by Epstein?
  • How much of what Epstein took to his death about Clinton and Trump does Ghislaine know?
  • And of course who actually killed Epstein and more importantly who arranged and facilitated his killing?