Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell…and the missing

8 12 2019

 The evil trio are seen smiling in an astonishing image taken at Windsor Castle

Among the most notable missing are Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, and quite a host of other super biggies whom Epstein could have brought down at trial if he hadn’t been killed in prison.   Ghislaine Maxwell knows most of the secrets, including where the treasure trove of blackmail videos may be or who destroyed them.   But she is probably at this point still Mossad-protected and she may well have her own ‘insurance policies’ that possible perpetrators know will click in if she is killed…thus keeping her alive and out of prison for now.

But this whole saga probably involving Israel and maybe Russia with international sex blackmail at the highest levels persons is not over.   Especially with the Trump Impeachment Trial looming (as well as the Epstein trial) just wait for the deluge of salacious leaks, both true and not true, likely ahead!

See the source image  See the source image