Super Dangerous, Super Nuke, Super Hypocritical, USA

9 12 2019

While economically torturing Iran and stoking major regional war on behalf of the state that does have a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, Israel of course…and while continuing to threaten North Korea with total destruction…the U.S,. is spending a fortune ‘upgrading’ its own much vaster arsenal of nuclear weapons, including $20 billion funding a new super generation of nuke submarines each armed with enough nuclear missiles to destroy much of the world on its own.

What amazing hypocrisy and horrendous nuclear bullying by the U.S., a country which itself has such a deteriorating standard of living on top of a deteriorating democracy and constitutional order.

Just imagine what a great country the U.S. could be if the trillions spent on arms and war were devoted to the real needs of the American people and the historic battle it should be fighting to protect the climate and environment.

U.S. military bases, many with nuclear weapons, surround Iran everywhere

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