The key Trump battle comes soon…and it’s not impeachment

16 12 2019

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Impeachment is a done deal.   The Senate ‘trial’ to follow is a Constitutional mandate.   BUT the real battle comes in the days immediately ahead now before the ‘trial’.   That determining battle will be over ‘the rules’ of the trial, rules that are determined by a simple majority of the Senators.

Just four principled and courageous Republican Senators could determine the outcome of this pre-trial battle; and if they stand firm there could actually be a conviction and removal of Trump.

What do they have to stand firm about?   First that there will be actual witnesses forced to testify, forced to be properly questioned under oath and threat of perjury, including Pompeo, Bolton, and Mulvaney at the top of the list.

If just four Republicans hold the line and insist there be witnesses including these and others, an equal number for the prosecution and the defense, that would derail the Trump/McConnell plot to squelch a successful impeachment by preventing any real ‘trial’ even before it starts.

Despite Trump’s gross deceptions on this, as just about everything else, he will fight tooth and nail to prevent his top co-conspirators from being sworn and grilled before the nation in what would be the greatest TV show ever — but one he does not control!   He keeps publicly insisting that is what he wants, but in reality that is what he now fears the most and he will do any and everything to make sure no such group of four honorable Republican Senators can come together to stand up and be counted in this way.